Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Merger Progress

It is really great to be involved in a community who have the courage and tenacity to be solution orientated for the sake of their children.
After all that our communities have been through in the last three years and despite the fact that many are still living in broken homes and still do not have certainty about insurance and rebuild/repair. Despite all of this and then a merger forced upon them our communities fronted up on Monday night to work together to achieve the best outcomes for our children. Specifically we were trying to decide how we would 'split' a school of 800 over two campuses for 2 years while one campus is significantly rebuilt.
Our options? A junior /senior split or a split based on family/whanau groups. Not an easy choice. Yet again despite the challenges the participants were constructive and sought to really come to grips with the complexities of each option.
I salute the people of Christchurch, but even more I salute the families of Burwood and Windsor School. I really believe that if home and school work in harmony we can achieve amazing results!

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