Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Green School Bali

I just spent a wonderful 10 days in Bali with my wife and friends, what beautiful people- so peaceful and kind and with such a great sense of humor! I visited a number of schools and noticed:

  • Such pride in their uniform and schools
  • A real sense of community 
  • Concern for their neighborhood (cleaning the streets around the school)
  • Joy in learning
I also had the pleasure of visiting Green School Bali. What a fantastic environment. The school has really flipped the curriculum so that it is based on a philosophy of sustainability and future focus as well as a explicit focus on emotions, the arts and engagement in authentic contexts with the environment and community. It is exciting to see a school serious about making a difference for the future rather than just adding on a unit of sustainability here and there!
Much for NZ schools to consider especially new and merging schools. I really believe that it is time to make significant changes to our curriculum if we want a decent future for our children. Perhaps it is time to re look at the NZC and consider the opportunity and invitation that this provides for us to create a better NZ and a better World!

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