Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Earthquakes, Fundays and Resilience

It has been a busy term to say the least!
Following the devastating earthquake the children have had a fantastic time as they returned to school. The staff have been organising wonderful learning opportunities for the children and we have had a variety of exciting "Funday" activities to re ignite the joy about school and to help with the transition back to the "new normal"
We were fortunate to have a school that is still in very good condition while all around us homes have been significantly damaged.

As you can see from the photo we now have a new wee lake on site
following the earthquake! We have also been working hard on the Windsor Alps in the background. The Alps will be a play/ exercise area with hills, bridges, tunnels and native plants. Thanks Murray and the Team from NZ Build for this awesome space.

As much as possible it has been learning as usual with the children. While we have been experiencing a number of aftershocks the vast majority have gone un noticed by the children. We have had wonderful community support since the quake and the school is moving in a positive direction with all showing amazing resilience.
We have been focusing on "Making is safe and Making it fun!" since we returned and we really seemed to be achieving our goal. Next Term is a wizz bang term of science- "Making it Amazing!". We have a term of science that will really challenge the children and in particular we are planning to develop the children's key competency of "Thinking" through exploring quality questioning in science.
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