Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Earthquakes, Skis and Resilience!

Dear Families
This is undoubtedly a term we will never forget. Your children will have the badge of "I survived the Christchurch Quake!" and will have survived an event unequaled in the history of Christchurch and also in New Zealand in the last 50 years. What the Earthquake has shown us is the resilience of our people, the support, love and care of not only our community but the whole of New Zealand and the determination to overcome adversity. I am so thankful to the staff for their courage at a time of real challenge and fear as we returned to school while the aftershocks continued around us. To me an indication of your courage and determination to help your children to return to normal life was evidenced in two ways. the first was seeing 99% of our children back on the first day and also being the only school to continue with a ski trip to Porters after the earthquake. What a fantastic attitude when nerves were frayed, not having your children at your side created anxiety for many.
The timing of this holiday is fantastic. I know the staff need a good break from school as some have houses that are still unsafe and others like you just need some decent sleep. Our thoughts continue to be with the many families who are displaced and those who have homes that have either been condemned or are still in limbo.
We have a very exciting term 4 planned for your children. it starts with a hiss and a roar with the music festival in the first week and then athletics in the second. Our Integrated learning module (PAI Module) starts in the first week with a focus on "It's all about me!" This theme is the culmination of our studies of "Our World and beyond" and "Cultures of the World". I know the staff are excited about the term ahead.
Have a great holiday, take care, enjoy your children and I look forward to seeing you in the new term

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Latest Update

We will back into it on Monday. We have an information pack for parents and an information sharing session in the hall at 9:10am. The school is in great condition and we are ready to go

Monday, September 6, 2010

Earthquake Update

Well we are still experiencing a significant number of aftershocks. These are causing a lot of stress for families especially given the size of the shocks and the advice that we may still have aftershocks of up to 6.2 coming!
Our school is structurally sound so at this stage we are waiting for information from the authorities about water purity and sewage systems. There will be a meeting at 4:00 pm with Ministry, Council and Health agencies. After this we will have some idea of what is happening tomorrow. In the meantime stay safe!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Earthquake Impact

I know that all of you in Canterbury will have been affected by the Earthquake. At the School we appear to have got of lightly with just superficial damage. The Ministry representatives are telling us that they will have assessed all schools by the end of Tuesday. We have two classrooms that may have structural damage so we are required to remain off site until our buildings have been cleared. Our staff have been affected with a number having homes that are seriously damaged and that are likely to be uninhabitable. They have been receiving much welcomed support from friends and family.
Our thoughts go out to all of those who have had property damaged and to our children, many of whom are quite traumatized. We are thankful that as a community we have had no loss of life.
We hope to be back in action on Wednesday.